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Leadership is Lonely at the Top

As the owner or CEO of a top tier home care company, you have achieved significant success already or you would not be reading this page.  However, you are probably in a situation where you don’t really have anyone to talk with who understands your business, the vision you have for your company, and the challenges you face in getting there.

For over two decades, Stephen Tweed has worked one-on-one with owners and CEOs of tip tier home care companies who just need someone to talk with about the big burning issues they are facing, and to get ideas and insights on how to address these issues. If you need someone to talk with on a regular basis about your company, your vision, and your challenges, then consider engaging Stephen Tweed as your Strategic Business Coach.

Stephen Tweed’s Business Coaching Process

When you engage Stephen Tweed, he will bring you a systematic approach to thinking about your business.  He will help you develop new insights that perhaps you have never considered before, because he’s been doing this for a long time with a lot of leaders in our industry. Here are seven steps to strategic business thinking:

  1. Assessment – Where are you and your company now compared to others in the home care industry?  How are you doing compared to industry benchmarks and best practices?  What’s working for you in your business, and what’s not working right now?
  2. Direction – Where do you want your business to be in five years? What in your long-term Vison for the Future? Do your top leaders share your vision for the future?
  3. Distinction – What makes your company different from the other 26,000 companies who do what you do? Why should a consumer or a referral source pick our company over your competitors? Why should caregivers work for you instead of your competitors?
  4. People – Do you have the right people in the right seats on the bus to take your company where you want to go?  Are you spending way too much time dealing with difficult people issues?
  5. Processes – What systems do you have in place to make your business repeatable and scalable? How are you using technology to simplify your business and make your life easier?
  6. Performance – Are you getting the outcomes you want? How does your financial performance compare to your peers in the industry?  Do you have the data, information, and knowledge you need to make key strategic  business decisions?
  7. Execution – How effective are you and your team in executing your plans and getting the results you want?  How effective are you and your team in working together toward a common vision, common goals, and common values?

If you don’t have clear answers to these questions, set up a no-obligation conversation with Stephen Tweed to see if he can help.

What Are Your Big Burning Issues?

One of the things Stephen Tweed has learned over ten years of leading The Top 5% Home Care Mastermind Group at The Home Care CEO Forum is how to deal with Big Burning Issues.

Big Burning Issues are those one, two, or three things that keep you awake at night, and consume much of your thinking as you work on growing your home care business.  Some of the Big Burning Issues in the past that have come our of our mastermind groups are:

  • Finding enough caregivers to grow the business
  • Attracting the right new clients who bring high hours per week and long length of stay
  • Helping my leadership team see the bigger picture of this business
  • Putting systems in place to automate our business
  • Improving our gross margin so we can grow the bottom line
  • Improving teamwork and communication among my key leaders
  • Finding ways to get more time away from the business with my family

If you would like to have someone to talk with and confide in as you work through your own Big Burning Issues, consider engaging Stephen Tweed as your personal Strategic Business Coach.


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