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At Leading Home Care, we work with owners and CEOs of Home Care Companies in three specific areas of focus:

After four decades of doing research, leading retreats, and coaching business owners, Stephen Tweed is in high demand as a Keynote Speaker for Association Conferences and Corporate meetings.

How Else Can We Help?

In addition to these areas of focus, there some other resources we have available that we do not actively promote, but that you might find helpful as you look for data, information, and knowledge to grow your business.  Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

Home Care CEO Mastermind Groups

Stephen Tweed introduced the Mastermind Concept to the home care industry. Since then, the Home Care CEO Forum has organized five active groups of CEOs who come together regularly to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another.  Leading Home Care sold the Home Care CEO Forum to the firm of Jensen, Morgan,  & Jones in January of 2023.  Stephen Tweed is still active in leading The Top 5% Mastermind Group, and in welcoming other members to other groups.  for More Information.

Resource Partners

At the Home Care CEO Forum, we have developed strategic partners with a limited number of companies that supply products and services to the home care industry. Stephen Tweed and Jensen Jones personally endorse these Resource Partners, and promote them to the home care industry.

Strategic Advisory Services

We frequently get calls from companies that serve the home care industry looking for facts, data, information, or knowledge about home care, or seeking professional advice about how to connect with home care companies.  On a limited basis, Stephen Tweed works with suppliers to the Home Care Industry by providing Strategic Advice.  If you are a supplier to the home care industry, and you would like to know more about the industry, or how to connect with companies in the industry, Stephen Tweed can help.

Stephen Tweed is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

When traveling around the US and Canada, Stephen is often able to combine trips to work with two or more organizations.  This page shows an up-to-date list of Stephen’s speaking and coaching assignments and locations.  If Stephen is coming to a neighborhood near you, perhaps you would like to use this opportunity to work with him as well.


If you are looking for information or ideas to help you grow your business, and have not yet found a resource, take a moment to fill out the inquiry form, or just call us at 502-339-0653

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