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"If you can get all of your top leaders in one room,
Stephen Tweed will help you get them on the same page."

One of the biggest challenges facing many home care company owners and CEOs is getting their team to see a Common Vision, share Common Values, focus on a Common Mission, and move in a Common Direction. Think what it would be like if you and each member of your team were on the exact same page when it comes to setting common goals, clearly defining your ideal customers, and attracting and retaining high quality caregivers.  What if you were all communicating effectively, and moving steadily in a common direction to grow your business.

Since 1982, Stephen Tweed has been leading Executive Retreats for leaders in hospital systems, senior living communities, home health agencies, and hospices.  He has led Executive Retreats for over 500 different organizations. Since 2002, Stephen has focused on working with home care companies in the Top 10% of Home Care.

What Makes Stephen Tweed's Executive Retreats Unique? - StoryBoarding!

The one thing that makes Stephen Tweed’s approach to leading an executive retreat unique and different is The Storyboarding Technique.  Storyboarding is a tool for making ideas visible, stimulating creativity, engaging critical thinking, and defining action plans.  We’ve learned over the years that brainstorming and creative thinking is easy.  The hard part is applying critical thinking and selecting only the best ideas. Then taking those best ideas and turning then into actional plans that can actually be executed by the current leadership team.

If you really want to come away from your next leadership retreat with an action plan that is do-able, then invite Stephen Tweed to come and use the Storyboarding technique to engage your leaders in a process that will get actionable outcomes.

If you are planning a leadership retreat with your top team, reach out to Stephen Tweed to have a conversation about how he can help you facilitate that retreat.  No Obligation.

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