Industry Research

“Without the Data, your are just another
person with an opinion”
- W. Edwards Deming

There is no one who has done more research to gather facts, data, and information about the home care industry than Stephen Tweed.  As a leader in home care, you need information and knowledge to make key strategic business decisions to scale  your business.  Some data and information publicly available through industry benchmarking studies and published reports.

However, to really create distinction in your market place, you need specific data, information, and knowledge that is specific to your marketplace, and your customers.  To find and keep the people you need, you need information and knowledge about the people in your local marketplace.  Stephen Tweed and his team can help you gather the specific data you need, tabulate that data into information, and synthesis the information in to knowledge.

Research from Leading Home Care

Here are some examples of major research projects conducted by Leading Home Care:

  • Designed and conducted the first home care industry benchmarking study, and published the 2009 Home Care Benchmarking and State of the Industry Report
  • Designed and conducted the first study of private pay home care companies affiliated with home health agencies, and published the 2010 Private Pay in Home Health Report. 
  • Designed and conducted an industry wide home care recruiting and retention survey sponsored by a leading software company, published “Top Techniques for Recruiting and Retaining High Quality Caregivers in Private Pay Home Care” in 2015.
  • Designed and conducted a study of sources of competitive advantage in home health care, hospice, and private pay home care and published an industry report sponsored by a leading home health software company.
  • Designed and conducted a study of leadership styles of Home Care CEOs and COOs, and published the report DNA of a CEO
  • Designed and conducted a study of how top tier home care companies provide incentive compensation to reward results, and published the report “Pay for Performance in Private Pay Home Care.”


In addition to these industry wide studies that were sponsored either by Leading Home Care or by a home care industry supplier, Stephen Tweed has designed and conducted specific research projects for specific home care companies to help them make business decisions as part of their Strategic Planning Process.

  • Designed and conducted a “Best Caregiver Survey” for members of the Home Care CEO Forum.  In this study, 184 individuals who were identified by their employer as a “Best Caregiver” responded to a survey. The data were analyzed and reported to the members to help them identify, recruit, and retain more “Best Caregivers.”
  • Designed and conducted a study of one company’s clients to calculate the Dollar Value of a Client by referral source. This enabled the home care company to refocus their marketing efforts on building relationships with referral sources who referred clients with high hours per week and long length of stay, increasing the average dollar value of a client.
  • Designed and conducted Focus Groups for front line caregivers and office team members for a home care company affiliated with a large home health agency. The qualitative data from this Focus Group were used by the leadership team in their Executive Retreat to develop and implement their annual strategic business plan.
  • Designed and conducted Focus Groups for users of a major home care technology company and developed a follow up survey.  The qualitative and quantitative data are being used to improve customer responsiveness, refine their marketing message, and focus their sales process.
  • Developed a list of all of the Franchise Companies in Home Care, and gathered unique market data about the companies in this sector.  This online tracking of home care franchises organizations began in 2013, and was last updated in April of 2023.

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