Caregiver Quality Assurance

CQA_logo-webThe caregiver recruiting crisis is real.  Turnover rates are well above 50% and interview no-shows are at all an time high. What is missing from your screening process? Our Caregiver Quality Assurance® program.

We offer an online selection assessment that will help your HR team instantly identify ‘best fit’ applicants.  Spend time interviewing those ‘best fit’ applicants using suggested candidate-specific behavioral interview questions allowing the interviewer to explore any areas of concern. An on-boarding report is also provided to give you insight as to the best ways to effectively manage new hires and successfully pair them with the right client.

The basis of the Caregiver Quality Assurance selection system is a series of proven and validated online assessment tools that allow you to learn more about the personality and behaviors of candidates you’re considering for employment. These validated self-assessment tools provide insight into:

  • Job Fit (Personality & Cognitive Ability)
  • Company Fit (Attitude & Engagement)
  • Good Impression Scale (Validity scale that measures the degree to which the person has responded frankly to the test items or has responded in such a way to make a good impression)

There are two levels of assessment available and we have different tools to meet the needs of each level.

  1. Caregiver and Office Staff Selection
  2. Executive and Management Selection

Take the assessments and you’ll see why it’s important to add the assessments to your recruiting and selection process.