Enhancing Efficiency and Profitability through Technology

Stephen Tweed | June 2, 2014 | Newsroom
By Delta Health Technologies We all want our businesses to run as efficiently and profitably as possible, but how can you retain your best caregivers and provide great care to your clients? By automating your daily tasks through a few simply steps, your business will have room to grow. Five Steps to Growth 1)      Give…

By Delta Health Technologies

PrintWe all want our businesses to run as efficiently and profitably as possible, but how can you retain your best caregivers and provide great care to your clients? By automating your daily tasks through a few simply steps, your business will have room to grow.

Five Steps to Growth

1)      Give caregivers the tools to succeed

If your scheduling and office management software does not include a caregiver portal, start looking for a solution that does. Through a caregiver portal, your caregivers can view and confirm their shifts anywhere. When given the responsibility and the option to confirm their shifts, your caregivers will step up to the plate. When your schedules are confirmed, you minimize no-shows, and your scheduler will spend less time following up on schedules. Caregiver portals will also provide access to care plans, shift requests and office email. The end result: more efficient scheduling, more engaged caregivers and happier clients.

2)      Choose customized telephony options to save time and money

Telephony, or the ability for caregivers to clock in and out remotely, provides real-time accountability for employees. With a software that allows you to customize your telephony options, you can set limits on the amount of time before and after a shift that you allow clock in or clock out and set alerts when a caregiver is overdue for an appointment or stays later than scheduled.

With shift clock-in and clock-out limits as well as rounding for payroll and billing, you can better manage your payroll or even eliminate paying for non-billable time. One Delta Health Technologies® and AppointMate® customer has estimated tremendous cost-savings by utilizing this option. Her office has 1,000 shifts per week. She estimated that if caregivers clocked in seven minutes early or clocked out seven minutes late on every shift, she would pay for an additional 116 hours each week. At $10 per hour, that’s an added cost of $1,160 per week or $60,320 per year of non-billable hours.

With customized options, you can improve your profitability and better monitor that your clients are getting the services and time that they pay for.

3)      Automate all HR processes

In order to improve your efficiency, maintain compliance with regulations and successfully argue unemployment claims, your software needs to provide you with opportunities to track certifications and HR requirements such as in-services and to customize your HR monitoring.

By linking your certification and HR requirement tracking to your scheduling, you ensure that your staff do not work if they are out of compliance and that they have received all of the training necessary to make your business stand apart from the competition. By customizing the types of HR events that you monitor, you can automatically document to improve accountability and efficiency. Proper HR documentation helps keep your caregivers and office staff accountable – helping to ensure that your clients receive the best possible care.

4)      Streamline your payroll

Paper timesheets and manual mileage tracking should be a thing of the past. With streamlined and automated payroll processes, your office staff and caregivers will spend their time more efficiently. Choose a software solution, like Delta Health Technologies’ AppointMate, which calculates mileage and client to client time. You can choose to pay the exact travel time and distance between each visit or select alternative options. If you add in the customized telephony options, you have an array of options available to streamline processes and increase your profitability for each visit.

5)      Monitor real-time agency performance

Like the old management adage says, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Choose a software solution that offers reports and real-time monitoring to track your business’s performance. With more than 200 reports and real-time monitoring on dashboards and status screens, you can identify areas for improvement and motivate employees to work toward the same goals of enhanced efficiency and profitability.

By automating your daily tasks with an office management software like Delta Health Technologies’ AppointMate solution, your business will have the tools to grow. When your office staff are less burdened by performing manual checks and balances, they will have more time to focus on client satisfaction and caregiver retention.

For more information about Delta Health Technologies and the AppointMate solution, visit our website or call 1-800-444-1651 option 2.

Stephen Tweed
Stephen Tweed, CSP, began his journey as a business strategist in home health care in 1982. Today, Stephen is among the top thought leaders in Home Care strategy and management. He has worked with top 5% companies from across the US. He is a sought after speaker at from national and state association events.

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