Stephen Tweed, Keynote Speaker and Health Care Strategist, Keynote Topics for 2023

Keynote Topics

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Visioneering Home Care

What’s your vision for the future of your agency?  If you could wave your magic wand, what would your company look like five years from now?  What will you do to get there?

Who will be on your team to make this happen?

Too many owners, CEOs, and executives in home care are caught up in the day-to-day busyness of running the agency and are not spending time working On the business.  Yet our studies of top tier home care companies show a common theme – Strategic Focus.  Strategic Focus is “having a clear vision for the future of your agency, having a strategy to get there, and having the talent to execute with excellence.”

Scaling Your Business with Data Oriented Decision Making

One of the major trends in home care for larger, faster growing companies is the increased use of data and analytics to make key strategic decisions.  These fast-growing companies have systems in place to track metrics, analyze results, make decisions, and measure improvement.

In this interactive workshop, Stephen Tweed will share the latest metrics used by these fast-growing companies, and how you can use these metrics to track your company’s performance and make better decisions for the future. He’ll describe how leading companies use data to improve operational effectiveness all across the business

Compassionomics In Home Care:   The measurable impact of compassion on Home care clients, caregivers, and companies

Compassion is defined as … “the emotional response to another person’s pain or suffering, and an authentic desire to help.”

While many of us in Home Care talk about the importance of Compassion, few of us have really looked at the impact of compassion on client outcomes, caregiver satisfaction, and company performance.  In this brand-new interactive presentation, Stephen Tweed will share new information and data about the positive power of compassion for home care companies.  He’ll demonstrate how compassion results in better health outcomes for home care clients and higher levels of measurable client satisfaction. He’ll explore the impact of compassion on caregiver recruiting, retention, selection, and long-term job performance.   And he’ll demonstrate how high levels of compassion in a home care company result in improved caregiver retention, caregiver satisfaction, and job performance.


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