Home Care Sales Scorecard

Metrics for Tracking Sales Activity and Results in Your Home Care Company

We have a saying at Leading Home Care:

“What gets measured gets managed. What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

The most effective way to measure and manage your Home Care Sales Professionals is to set up a weekly scorecard and get your entire team engaged in measuring the results of their activity, and the results that you are achieving.

So, what are the metrics you should be measuring?

Stephen Tweed, the CEO of Leading Home Care, and Founder of the Home Care CEO Forum has worked with hundreds of Home Care companies.  He has helped the leaders of these companies develop custom scorecards to measure and manage sales performance.

Now, you can have your own custom scorecard based on the best examples of highly successful, fast-growing Home Care Companies.  Simply download this Home Care Sales Scorecard, and it will walk you through developing your own scorecard. We’ll give you a Microsoft Excel ® tool to begin your customization process.