Visioneering Home Care in 2016

Stephen Tweed | January 4, 2016 | News and Views
By Stephen Tweed This past Sunday morning at 8:00 am, Elizabeth and I were on our monthly conference call with eleven other professional speakers from around the country.  It's our "Salt & Light" group, where we encourage and support each other in being Salt & Light to the world through our speaking and consulting.  The…

By Stephen Tweed

Stephen Tweed, CSPThis past Sunday morning at 8:00 am, Elizabeth and I were on our monthly conference call with eleven other professional speakers from around the country.  It’s our “Salt & Light” group, where we encourage and support each other in being Salt & Light to the world through our speaking and consulting.  The leader for this month’s conversation was our dear friend, Naomi Rhode, from Scottsdale, AZ.  Naomi and her husband Jim have been dear friends, business mentors, marriage mentors, and spiritual mentors to us for 25 years.

Naomi asked us to come the the call prepared to discuss our “word for the year”.  This is one word that will be our theme for study and learning for the year.  She asked each person to share their word, and how the other members of the group can support and encourage us through out the year.


My word for 2016 is “Vision.” It’s been on my mind and my heart for the past several months as I have begun to work in writing my next book on Strategic Focus. As you may recall from previous articles, I define Strategic Focus as “having a clear vision for the future, a clear strategy to get there, and the talent to execute with excellence.”  Vision plus Strategy plus Talent equals Your Desired Future.

In doing my research and writing on the new book, I have redefined Vision as “A consciously created fantasy of what could be, fueled by the conviction that is should be.”  


The process for creating  your vision is “Visioneering”.  Visioneering is “the process of creating a clear mental picture of a possible and desirable future, and the reasons why it could be and should be.”  As a home care business leader, I think it’s critical that you take time each year to extend your vision for your agency.  The clearer you are with your vision for the future, the easier it will be to communicate your vision to your team, and to develop a strategy to make that vision become reality.  Once you have a clear vision and a clear strategy, then your challenge is to make sure you have the talent you need to execute with execution.  Success in home care as all about having the right talent and executing with excellence.

Visioneering Principles

As you kick of 2016, I encourage you to carve out some with with a pencil and paper or a white board. Write a one sentence statement of your vision for the future of your business.  Then develop a set of bullet points the clearly describe your vision.  As you do that, keep in mind the following principles:

  • Visions are born in the soul of a man or woman who is consumed with the tension between what is and what could be.
  • Visions are formed in the hearts of those who are dissatisfied with the status quo.
  • Vision always stands in contrast to the world as it is.  Vision demands change.
  • Vision requires visionary people who have allowed their minds and hears to wander outside the boundaries imposed on the world as it is.
  • Vision requires an individual who has the courage to act on an idea.

Building Blocks of Visioneering

Ok. So you’ve read this article up to this point.  What will you do?  Are you willing to step back and give some focused thought to what you want your home care company to look like at the end of 2016?  Are you willing to create a clear mental picture of what you want your business to look line in three years? In five years?  Here are some building blocks for visioneering:

  • A vision begins with a concern
  • A plan is your guess as to the best way to accomplish your vision
  • Visions are refined – they don’t change. Plans are revised – they don’t stay the same
  • Stay focused on your vision. Avoid distraction
  • Turning vision into reality requires bold leadership. Will you be a bold leader this year?

Building Blocks of Strategic Focus

As we go forward in 2016, I will be sharing new insights into how  you as a home care owner, CEO, or c-suite executive can make your vision become reality through strategy and talent.  Please stay with us and follow along as we roll out these new ideas.  In the next several weeks, Leading Home Care will be introducing several new services to help you take your home care business to the next level.  In the mean time, if you have questions or need more information about how you can grow your business and get ready for the future, please feel free to call our office and set up a time to talk. I am always eager to have meaningful conversations with serious home care CEOs.

Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2016.  And Very Happy Visioneering.

Stephen Tweed
Stephen Tweed, CSP, began his journey as a business strategist in home health care in 1982. Today, Stephen is among the top thought leaders in Home Care strategy and management. He has worked with top 5% companies from across the US. He is a sought after speaker at from national and state association events.

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